Daybreak Independent Services Inc. is committed to developing and providing an integrated comprehensive system of services for adults with a wide range of Developmental Disabilities.

These services are designed to strengthen the abilities of our individuals, as well as to improve and expand the opportunities for independence so that adults with disabilities may live with dignity as fully functioning, participating and contributing members of our community.


"Six years ago, I was thinking how to close the gap from training Day Habilitation skills and putting into real life experience. My vision was in opening a Day Habilitation Program that offers a way, to gain skills and confidence and allow them to incorporate a real work place. i.e. DBIS Laundromat. In 2010, Daybreak Independent Services opened its door for individuals with developmental disabilities, to learn and apply their skills in a laundromat setting."

- Vilas Loban, CEO/President, 2015

Board Of Directors

  • Stephen Jagde, MBA, President
  • Effie Loban, Treasure
  • Elise Culver, Secretary
  • Raju Sundaram Esq, Board Member
  • Hemant Kumar, Board Member Advisory
  • Vera Valuckas, Advisory Board Member

Executive Leadership

  • Mr. Vilas Loban, President & CEO
  • Mr. Sebastian Chittilappilly, Director of Operations
  • Ms. Melissa Thomas, Corporate Compliance / Quality Assurance
  • Mrs. India Brown, Human Resource Manager
  • Ms. Michelle Garvey, Administration Manager
  • Ms. Pilar Walker, Director of Day Services
  • Ms. Jené Smith, Intake & Training Coordinator
  • Ms. Wendy Gaspar Gil, Senior Coordinator of Day Services
  • Mr. Paul Randall, Medicaid Service Coordination Supervisor
  • Ms. Sasha Miah, Coordinator of Community Habilitation Services
  • Ms. Nisha Shrestha, Financial Controller
  • Ms. Vera Valuckas, Intake & Parent Resource Specialist
  • Ms. Safiya Mohammed, RN




We serve New York State Residents and Department of Education graduates who are diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities. Daybreak received certification in 2010, and we started our first Day Hab Program. The rest is history!