Community Habilitation Services

Daybreak’s Community Habilitation is a skills training program designed to assist families who are caring for their disabled loved ones at home. The goal of our Community Habilitation Program is to enable individuals with Developmental Disabilities to develop the skills necessary to be active participants in their homes and community.

In the Community Habilitation Program, each individual’s strengths and needs are assessed, and treatment plans are then developed to enhance the overall functioning of the individual. Each service plan is tailored to meet a participant’s specific needs for support, and each plan is implemented according to the principles of our Person-Centered approach.

The times and schedules of the Community Habilitation Program are arranged individually for each person. All program participants must have a diagnosis of a Developmental Disability.

For more information, please contact Ms. Sasha Miah, Community Habilitation Program Coordinator.
Phone: (914) 733-3325
Work Cell: (347) 233-0693